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Our Equipment


Front to back mitter upgraded with MicroClean cloth upgrade which enhances mitter performance to clean hood and trunk grooves and eliminate windshield “eyebrow”.


SPYDER Wrap-Around equipped with double-jog wraps which increases cleaning capacity.


21-Inch Bottom Motor Side Washer units remove thick road grime from your car’s trim.


Bison brushes clean tires and rims. Alternating staggered bristle lengths improve contact time while reaching deeper into rims for maximum cleaning.


Two-Basket Side-to-Side Mitter featuring Half-moon basket design which increases movement of cloth on vehicle surface for better cleaning – upgraded with MicroClean cloth which enhances mitter cleaning performance and improves wax buffing for better shining.


Omni Wash Arch featuring independent hydraulic actuated nozzles to rinse loosened dirt and grime from your cars surface.


Hydraulic Wrap-Arounds feature Spring-loaded soft-stop bumpers for safer, smoother operation.


Rain-X arch applies a water-repelling solvent to help maintain safer driving conditions in harsh weather, and to repel dirt and grime from the car resulting in less frequent washes.


Undercarriage Manifold high-pressure washing systems remove contaminants from the road to improve the condition of the underside of your car.


Triple Foam Application arch applies a foaming colored product that will cause water to bead on the vehicle.


Dura-Shine Tire shine applicator has unmatched rim-to tire application system which keeps the tire shine where it belongs.


Our drying system features eight-15 HP blowers totaling 120 horsepower of blow drying power.

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