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Go Green & Clean
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Go Green

We’re Environmentally Conscious

Professional car washing is simply better for the environment. We stride to reduce our environmental footprint with the use of biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaners in all of our car care facilities. Partner with socially responsible and committed car washes to reduce the community’s environmental footprint – together. Here’s why

Diamond Express is a GREEN choice:

1. We use solar power!

Yes, you heard correctly, we are a solar based car wash! Solar power’s most obvious and hyped advantage is its cleanliness. While nonrenewable energy sources like coal, oil and gas are contributing to global climate change and poor air quality, solar power represents a clean, renewable solution to those problems. Besides not emitting carbon, solar power generates no toxic byproducts or emissions, making it a true green technology.

2. We use biodegradable chemicals!

We proudly use Blue Coral Beyond Green (a division of ECOLAB) chemicals at our facilities. With the help of Blue Coral, our car wash made a commitment to use only products that clean and protect your vehicle and reduce or eliminate the release of specific compounds into our air and water. Please visit http://www.ecolab.com/industries/vehicle-care/consumer-information for more information.

3.  We recycle and treat our water!

We use PurWater Recovery System.  Please visit http://www.purclean.com/DisplayPage.aspx?pageid=314 for more information.