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We Offer Fundraising


Whether it’s for a classroom trip, team uniforms or playground equipment, Diamond Express Fundraising Programs a Profitable, Easy and Fun way to raise the money you need right now. Diamond Express’s Fundraising Program is designed to help local schools, churches, amateur sports teams and non-profit organizations reach their fundraising goals.

It’s simple…Diamond Express supplies you with Pre-Paid Wash Cards. You turn around and sell them. The cards have a value of $13, redeemable for car wash services at Wash Zone Car Wash. Your organization pays a wholesale price of $8 per gift card: that’s a profit of $5 per card!.. Customized price points can also be arranged for lesser or greater amounts.

Everyone needs car wash services – especially here in New Jersey! While other organizations are competing for donations offering the same goods or services like pizza kits, wrapping paper, cookie dough and magazines, you’ll be offering something unique and environmentally friendly – all our water is contained and recycled, detergents do not end up in storm drains like parking lot charity washes or driveway washing. Most times, parents, neighbors and relatives buy because they support the cause, not because they will ever use the product. Wash Cards are easy to sell because your customers will love what they’re buying as much as they love the cause.

From your first call, to the last wash, we make fundraising fun. You sell a high-quality car wash service from a respected local company in an easy-to-sell format – “X” amount value Wash Cards. Wash cards make great gifts and there’s no order taking or time-consuming deliveries, you sell cards on the spot. Wash Cards are easy to track and control and there is no merchandise spoilage or waste.