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In 1999, Neil Jain purchased his first location, Spa Car Wash, in Berwyn, PA. With years of poor management and quality, this was a failing business that literally had no customers. Quickly, Neil realized that with superior equipment, high-end chemicals, hands-on ownership and great service, he could create product differentiation within the car wash industry. Within a couple of years, the once run-down location was now flourishing within the county. Not only did he win back the trust within the community, he gained a new customer base that was willing to travel for miles just to receive the ultimate car wash experience! In 2001, Neil then purchased his second car wash in Abington, PA. This location had the same story as the first one. He completely renovated the tunnel and the building and turned it into a very successful car wash within one year. Having great success with two full service car washes, he then wanted to try something different. In 2008, Neil purchased his third car wash in Morton, PA. He wanted to offer the area a unique service that no one else was performing. He wanted to proposition what is called an “express exterior” car wash model, offering superior, exterior-only car washes with free vacuums at an unbeatable price. Within a few months, Diamond Express became the number one car wash destination within the area. Lastly, Neil opened another car wash in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. This location offers what is called a “flex-serve” model, offering traditional full-service car washing with the option of exterior-express. With 13 years of experience in this industry, we offer the BEST full service car wash in town! We are family-owned and operated. Neil’s daughter, Candice, has been working with him since 1999 and now runs the Cherry Hill location. His son, Christopher, joined the team in 2009 and now runs the Morton location. Whichever location you choose to visit, know that you will always get the best quality and service due to our family operated management team. We are very knowledgeable in all aspects of the industry and are excited to assist you with all of your car washing needs! We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing Diamond Express!


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