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Cherry Hill

Our beautiful facilities are the kind of car washes any community would be proud to welcome. In fact, we have great standing relationships with the townships of the communities we reside in. We’re a thriving, employment-generating and eco-friendly company that works to serve the needs of the neighborhood. Here’s what makes our facilities perfect for your community:

Superior Quality

Our state-of-the-art facility offers breakthrough technology and unparalleled, intrinsic value.  With the most superior soaps, waxes and chemicals combined with the latest equipment the industry has to offer, we are car washing pioneers and industry trend-setters.  We’ve raised the bar on what customers should expect at their local car wash.

Free Vacuums!

Complimentary FREE vacuums are included with every car wash at Diamond Express Car Washes! Our powerful, professional duty vacuums maintain constant suction to help you breeze through your cleaning without the worry of running out of time or destroying a home vacuum not designed for this task.

Our Facilities are Aesthetically Pleasing

Each location is architecturally designed to be the perfect complement to its community. We’ve been recognized by garden and horticultural societies for implementing our award winning landscape designs to deteriorating and unattractive properties.

Our Customers are King

Full owner involvement and a strong hands-on management team approach, translates into a superior, unmatched service and a dedicated focus. We’re committed to giving each customer a positive experience.